Foster Information

Fostering a dog saves two lives: the dog you will welcome into your home and the dog you helped make space for in the shelter. This is by far one of the most rewarding experiences in animal rescue.

How It Works

Fostering a dog provides a temporary home for that dog until a permanent home is found. Welcoming this dog into your home gives him or her the chance to unwind from the stress of a shelter and adjust to living with a family. The time a foster dog stays in your home can vary greatly. Puppies typically do not spend much time in foster care, whereas adult dogs can spend several months with you. We will discuss our thoughts on a particular dog with you before placement.

Your Responsibilities

When you foster a dog for Rescue Pit, we ask that you provide the following for your house guest:

  • Commitment
  • Safe and loving environment
  • Quality food and fresh water
  • Basic training and socialization
  • Transportation to events and vet appointments

Bringing your foster to events and training is the best way to highlight how great of a dog he or she is! If you’re unable to make it to an event or appointment, just let us know and we’ll try to have a volunteer transport and handle your foster.

Our Responsibilities

When a dog is in our foster care program, Rescue Pit will provide:

  • All medical care from an approved veterinarian
  • Basic necessities, if needed
  • Support for you and your foster

Before a foster is placed with you, we will set up a home visit where we will go over everything there is to know about fostering a dog and make sure it’s something you’re prepared for. After a foster is placed, we will always be on-call to help guide you through the program and assist with any problems you may encounter.

Are You Ready?

Fill out a foster application today, and let’s save some lives!