Our Values


From care to training, we strongly advocate for pain-free and fear-free methods to work with dogs being supported by Rescue Pit, as well as those throughout our community. And we encourage all dog owners to take our force-free pledge.


Our work is guided by compassion – not only for the dogs we rescue, but for their owners too. We understand that adopting a dog is a major responsibility, and despite the best of intentions, sometimes things don’t work out. We never judge anyone for recognizing that their dog would be better off in a new home.

Lifelong Learning

Sharing your life with a dog is a process of continual learning. The way you engage with your dog now will evolve as he or she gets older. We strongly encourage our adopters to take advantage of the ongoing behavior support offered by Rescue Pit to ensure that they are building the strongest bond possible with their pet at all stages of life.

Mutual Selection

We believe that a potential adopter’s connection with a dog is just as important as a dog’s fit into a potential adopter’s home. As such, we work closely with our foster parents to determine the home that would provide the best environment for the dogs they engage with.


Our work would not have the impact it does without the tireless energy of our adoptersfoster parents, and volunteers. As a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit (including our leadership team), we also rely on the financial and in-kind resources from individual and corporate donors. We are grateful for the generous support we receive, and we reflect this with a commitment to financial sustainability and fiduciary responsibility.