About Us

Pit Bulls are flooding our city shelters and fighting a negative stigma that stems from humans, not nature. They are very social dogs, who thrive in relationships with humans and are taken advantage of because of their unassuming and accommodating nature. It’s not fair and it’s time to return the favor.

Rescue Pit is a centralized network of like-minded people. We wish to promote a public awareness of these misunderstood dogs through a collected and unified front. Education is a must and finding loving homes for these dogs is our top priority. It’s not just about the rescue – it’s about education, caring, saving lives, and giving dogs a real home. When these things come together more lives can be saved.

Our Values

  • Transparency and Compassion
    • The public wants to know where the money they donate is being spent, how much money is being raised, and how many dogs’ lives we are changing for the better. Everything Rescue Pit does will be visible to the public, and anyone who asks questions will get answers. The rescue world is difficult. Some days are filled with great joy while others are filled with difficult decisions. No matter the day, we will always do our best to respond to your questions, and make our decisions, with compassion and understanding.
  • Timeliness
    • Response time is critical to us. Standards are set for responding to emails, inquiries, partnerships, and applications. The faster we work, the more dogs we can save.
  • Financial Sustainability
    • Everything we do is made possible through donations and fundraising events. This requires not only a need to bring in more money, but a drive to build relationships that can be sustained long term.
  • Mutual Selection
    • We believe that a potential adopter’s connection with a dog is just as important as a dog’s fit into a potential adopter’s home. As a foster ­based rescue, our foster parents are in a unique position to take part in this selection process. And no matter how much time passes, dogs that come into Rescue Pit will always be a part of Rescue Pit, whether they’re being fostered or have been adopted, should the need ever arise.
  • Ethical Care
    • From care to training, we will advocate for pain-free and fear-free lives for our dogs and the community dogs.