Training and Behavior

Rescue Pit, from the beginning, has put a strong emphasis on the humane and ethical treatment of dogs. This includes the basic necessities dogs need to live, such as adequate shelter, food, and water; but it also means we care about how the dogs are treated once they become a part of your family. We believe that there is no need to use pain, fear, and intimidation in training to produce behaviors you want or to extinguish behaviors you do not want. Ever. helps teach people how to figure out for themselves what their dogs are doing and why. The site breaks down common behaviors shown by dogs that tend to frustrate their guardians (i.e. jumping up on people, chewing shoes and pulling on leash) and explains the different emotional states that can drive such behavior (i.e. growling and snapping is often a sign that the dog is scared).

Your Pit Bull and You

Your Pit Bull and You is a non-profit organization committed to highlighting pit bulls in the most positive light, promoting humane reward-based training and organizing fundraising initiatives to help rescues and shelters.

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Aversive Collars (Prong, Choke, Shock)

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