Mutual Selection, a Perfect Pair, and the Saving Pets Challenge

Rescue Pit lists “Mutual Selection” as one of its core values. Mutual Selection means that dogs adopted out of the rescue are not only selected by their adopters, but are paired with owners based on the dog’s specific needs, facilitating a seamless transition into the new home. Today, Rescue Pit is highlighting the value of Mutual Selection at work and sharing a heartwarming story of the perfect pair: Angelo and Dino.

Only weeks after purchasing his prized Harley-Davidson, Angelo was in a very serious motorcycle accident when he swerved to avoid a deer and veered into a utility pole. Angelo lay alone for hours before he was found and flown to a hospital where he would spend one week being treated for his extensive injuries. Angelo returned home with two broken wrists, a broken jaw, and 14 additional facial fractures. He found himself alone, and battled depression for months before he finally decided to search for a companion.

Meanwhile, Dino appeared at a local shelter with an injured jaw. Unsure of the cause or seriousness of his injury, the shelter transferred Dino to Rescue Pit where he was seen by a vet who confirmed that his jaw was broken. Dino was placed in a restrictive tape muzzle and was not allowed to chew or play for several weeks in order to allow his jaw to heal.

Angelo contacted multiple rescue organizations about adopting a dog, and when he eventually found Rescue Pit, Dino was the first dog that he noticed. Angelo, with his jaw still wired shut, saw that Dino was also healing from a jaw injury. Angelo expressed an interest in adopting Dino and was informed that there were at least one dozen other applicants interested, and that Dino would not be placed into a home until he was fully healed. Angelo was patient and, as fate would have it, Rescue Pit ultimately determined that of all the applicants, Angelo was best suited to accommodate Dino’s needs.


Dino and Angelo


Dino is now happily at home with Angelo, who believes that they helped each other heal. “I know that’s hard to believe for some people, but he is more than just a dog to me. He was someone that loved me unconditionally, someone I didn’t feel bad crying in front of, and someone who needed me as much as I needed him. What can I say, he’s one of the best things that ever happened to me”, reflected Angelo.

During the month of May, Rescue Pit is participating in the Saving Pets Challenge, an online fundraising competition that benefits animal welfare organizations dedicated to keeping companion pets out of shelters and in loving homes. This is Rescue Pit’s fourth consecutive year participating in the challenge and the organization has set a goal to raise $10,000 in hopes of earning additional cash prizes at the end of the competition. All funds are used to benefit dogs like Dino and help them find their perfect match. To donate, please visit Rescue Pit’s fundraising page at: